RV Sewer Hose Storage Solutions for Easy Travel

Storing your RV sewer hose can be a hassle, especially if you have more than two passengers since you will be dumping the tank more frequently.

However, you should be careful not to take any shortcuts with RV sewer hose storage. 

By taking the correct steps to clean and store the hose, you will avoid time-consuming and messy situations in the future.

The waste in the black water tank is something you do not want to see, smell, or touch. So let’s keep it that way by storing the hose properly. 

Why Is Sewer Hose Storage Important?

Why Is Sewer Hose Storage Important

Correctly storing your sewer hose can be an annoying yet essential task. There are a few different ways to store your hose, some more physically demanding than others.

Whichever way you store the hose, it is essential to do it properly. 

Proper Storage Increases the Lifespan Of the Hose

Depending on the number of passengers, you will be using the hose daily or weekly. Over time, that number will add up, especially if you are an avid RVer. 

If you do not properly store the hose every time you use it, the hose will inevitably experience some wear and tear. Even if you have the highest quality hose, you still need to take care of it.

Wherever you store it, you need to make sure it is not tumbling or moving around, or crashing against hard walls. 

When you practice proper RV sewer hose storage habits, you will be increasing the hose’s lifespan.

If you take an extra few minutes to store the hose correctly instead of throwing it somewhere on the RV, you will be saving money in the end since you won’t have to buy new hoses. 

You Will Avoid Further Complications While Draining the Tank

Another reason why sewer hose storage is important is that you will be avoiding further complications while draining the black water tank.

When you haphazardly store the hose, there is a risk of the hose being punctured, scratched, dented, or damaged. 

The last thing you want is for the hose to leak while you are draining the holding tank. Even if it is a small leak through tiny puncture holes, it will still cause a mess that you will need to clean up.

Furthermore, depending on where you are camping, you may not have access to a new hose for a few days. 

Another thing that could lead to leakage is damage to the end fittings.

If the fittings on each end of the hose are damaged, they may not be able to twist onto the connections properly. 

Storing the Hose Properly Will Avoid Unpleasant Smells

Sewer hoses have a dirty job. One of the most important parts of RV sewer hose storage is cleaning the hose before storing it.

I’m sure you can guess the reason why cleaning the hose is so important. 

There are a few ways to clean the hose correctly. First of all, make sure to drain the black water tank first before the gray water tank.

This way, the gray water tank can help rinse off the residue from the black water tank. Secondly, use a sewer hose cleaning attachment to further rinse off any leftover residue or liquids. 

After you rinse the hose, you will need to clean the hose fittings next. The easiest way to do this is to leave them in a bucket of bleach and water overnight.

Just make sure to rinse the fittings with water in the morning before storing them. 

By following proper cleaning procedures, you will avoid any unpleasant smells from entering the RV. A quick rinse job won’t do – you will have to be thorough. 

Problems Coming From Storing Sewer Hoses Incorrectly

Problems Coming From Storing Sewer Hoses Incorrectly

Now that we have covered why properly storing the hose is important let’s discuss a few complications that could arise if you incorrectly store it.

It is worth mentioning that every hose and RV is different, so some complications will not be as frequent for some people as it is for others. 

Your Hose May Wear Out Sooner

As mentioned earlier, practicing improper RV sewer hose storage habits can lead to puncture holes, scratches, dents, or tears.

When you store the hose in a safe place, you will not be subjecting it to possible damaging environments. Your hose will inevitably wear out sooner over time when you are not careful about storage. 

Storing a Hose Incorrectly Could Cause a Noticeable Smell

It is very tempting to quickly rinse the hose out one or two times and be done with it. However, the hose deals with some of the strongest smelling waste and bacteria.

If you do not rinse it out thoroughly more than once, a strong smell will begin to accumulate that your passengers will notice. 

Furthermore, if you store an improperly cleaned hose in a tight box, you will have to clean the smell both out of the hose and the storage compartment.

Avoid some heavy-duty bleaching by completing the first step of storage (cleaning) properly. 

Storing a Wet Hose in the Bumper Could Lead to Rust

This complication will not be as frequent and may take a while to appear. However, it will be something to watch out for. Even though many RV manuals suggest storing the hose in the bumper, it could lead to rusting. 

To avoid this, you may want to consider letting the hose dry a bit before storing it in the box. If you think about it, you are storing a soaking wet item in a small, contained area.

Some rusting is inevitable. However, it may take a few months or even years to show up.

How To Properly Store an RV Sewer Hose

How To Properly Store an RV Sewer Hose

I’m sure you are very keen by now to store your RV sewer hose correctly. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to do so!

There will be an option for everybody, whether you want to DIY it or just buy a reliable product. 

Buy an RV Sewer Hose Storage Kit

The first option is to buy an RV sewer hose storage kit. These can come in a few different forms. A popular type of storage kit is RV sewer hose storage bags.

If you want to keep the weight down and do not want to lug around a heavy bin, a storage bag will be a great option. 

There are also plastic bins that are designed to hold sewer hoses. Some come with the RV, and some you have to buy separately. You can also DIY it and buy a large plastic bin and designate it as the sewer hose bin. 

Buy a Hose Carrier

One of the most popular ways to store RV sewer hoses is with hose carriers. This type of storage is attractive since they are easy to conceal under your trailer, near the dump valves, or on the bumper. 

Hose carriers are also very easy to maneuver. The carrier is a long, cylinder shape. All you have to do is slide the hose in and close the lid.

Not only can you skip taking the time out to wrap the hose up or to compress it, but the carriers offer excellent protection from unnatural bending or normal wear and tear of storage. 

Make Your Own RV Sewer Hose Storage Space

If your DIY bones are tingling, don’t worry. There are options for you. DIYing sewer hose storage space is easy, convenient, and cheap. We will cover a few DIY options for hose carriers. 

Use PVC Tubing as a DIY Hose Carrier

The first option is to buy PVC tubing to create a hose carrier. This option will resemble most hose carriers on the market.

If you want to keep the cost down and avoid paying up to $100 for a commercial hose carrier system, this will work well for you. 

Once you have the right length, you can install the PVC tubing using mounting brackets and screws. Alternatively, you can use vent pipe hangers as well.

Vent pipe hangers may work better if you run into other lines and pipes under the trailer, making it hard to screw the pipe in. 

Create a Slide-Out With Vinyl Fence Post and Gutters

Something similar to the PVC tube hose carrier will be a slide-out vinyl fence post and gutter hose carrier. 

This option will take a bit more time, but it’ll be worth it. You will be able to open the cap and simply slide the vinyl gutter out (which will be holding your hose).

For this DIY project, you will be installing the vinyl fence the same way you would with the PVC tube. Then you will take a vinyl gutter and insert it within the fence post.

You can install a small, smooth piece of wood as a handle at the end of the gutter so you can easily pull it out. 


Proper RV sewer hose storage is important for several reasons.

Storing your hose with care will increase its lifespan, save you money, and avoid leaks while draining the tank. You will also prevent any unpleasant smells from entering the RV. 

To properly store your RV sewer hose, purchase an RV sewer hose storage kit or a hose carrier. You can also build a DIY hose carrier with either PVC tubing or vinyl fencing. 


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